History & Overview

Company History

TAP Oilfield Solutions, LLC ("TAP") was formed in 2014 and acquired the operating assets of Triple C Turnaround Trucking LLC on August 1, 2014. These assets have formed the core operations of TAP and are the platform for TAP’s expansion.

TAP is currently doing business under the name TAP Oilfield Solutions.  We are also doing business as Turnaround Trucking on an interim basis as we continue to establish the new branding of TAP.

Company Overview
TAP Oilfield Solutions, LLC is a Transportation solutions company providing waste hauling services to the oil and natural gas drilling and producing companies in the Eagle Ford Shale basin in Southern Texas.

The Company operates and maintains a fleet of Trucks and Trailers providing water and waste hauling in and around drilling and production sites.  These services include transporting water to and from fracturing (‘frac’) tanks on well site, transporting Produced Water to disposal wells, transporting drilling and completion fluids, and other similar water and fluid hauling services.  Our customers are amongst the largest and most prominent in the industry.